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Lifetouch is committed to photographic excellence in capturing milestone moments in the lives of families. On Picture Day, Picture Day Hero volunteers play an important role in helping schools with the photography of students to ensure a smooth process. Picture Day Hero volunteers are an important asset to the school; helping students, representing parents, and contributing to the quality of the yearbook and school pictures.

Watch a brief video regarding the importance of Picture Day Heroes to schools and preview the various roles of Picture Day Heroes on Picture Day. You’ll be able to review your role once it is assigned on Picture Day.

The Stylist helps with ensuring that students and staff are picture ready and represents all moms who are not present for Picture Day.

Stylists help in making sure students check their hair and faces at the grooming station and help students by ensuring that clothing details such as collars, buttons, jewelry and hair accessories are in place and that the overall appearance of the student is picture perfect.

The Go Getter helps with ensuring the school picture day schedule is met. Their knowledge of the school is important and bringing classrooms to the photographer will ensure that the school has a successful picture day.

The Go Getter will retrieve the next class with enough lead time to arrive in the photography area helps to ensure the schedule. Approximately three minutes ahead of scheduled photography time is recommended. The Go Getter provides the teacher with “Name Cards” prior to arriving to the camera and avoids bringing classes down right before recess or lunch - any time the photographer would be forced to compromise quality to meet the tightened time frame.

The Air Traffic Controller helps with the flow of the Picture Day process and keeps things moving so that students can get back to their classes.

Air Traffic Controllers ensure students have removed all backpacks, jackets, sweaters, hair ties around wrists, sunglasses or other things they would not want appearing in their portraits. They ensure students have “Name Cards” and guide students to the next available photographer/shortest line.

The Name Protector helps to ensure that each student and staff has a “Name Card” prior to being photographed. Without a “Name Card”, the picture cannot be matched to the student, so this is a very important job.

Name Protectors should distribute Name Cards if they haven’t been distributed prior to students arriving to be photographed They will also verify that the name is complete and spelling is accurate.


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